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"There are few people that we meet in life that make us seem to come alive–where conversations seem more like adventures than a mere exchange of words. This was that." There is no height nor depth that will put you out of His reach… Combining both real and fictional elements, our adventurer, a practicing atheist, makes his way to the South American country of Peru. What he thinks is merely a temporary escape turns into a powerful encounter with everything he truly desires--real faith, love, and purpose. He will be forever changed. A year away in Peru to teach English in an Andean community turns into so much more! In this new novella from Eric Lovin, you will experience: ↠Real places, streets, culture, and even people from the region of Cusco, Peru ↠The powerful intervention of a God whose love knows no bounds and will always go after the one ↠A beautiful love story centered in Him Be encouraged, and join us to “Come Alive in The Andes…”
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