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The Crushing Low Stakes Poker series is for anyone who is: - Interested in making a nice side income playing online poker - New to poker or a beginning/intermediate player - Looking for solid strategy advice to consistently crush low stakes poker games Learn How To Crush Low Stakes Games Most poker books are written by professional poker players who play at the highest stakes. The same goes for most of the video content on poker training sites. Whereas you can learn a lot from studying that material, it won't always be as useful to you when you're mainly playing at the low stakes. Playing low stakes games against beginning and recreational players requires a whole different strategy and approach than playing high stakes games against the best of the best. The Crushing Low Stakes Poker series is focused specifically on low stakes play and teaches you the proper strategy to crush low stakes games. Volume 2 of the series deals with heads-up play and covers heads-up fundamentals, theory and strategy. We will take a close look at important topics such as hand reading, manipulating ranges and post-flop play on different board textures. We will also cover common playing tendencies of low stakes opponents and how to take advantage of them. Becoming familiar with your opponents' weaknesses and learning how to develop effective counter strategies, will give you the edge you need in low stakes games. Improve Your Tournament Results Heads-up skills are essential to achieve good tournament results. There is a significant pay jump in tournaments from second to first prize so mastering heads-up play will make a big difference to your win rate. Heads-up is not the easiest form of poker. It requires you to play a lot of hands and you will often face difficult post-flop decisions. This book explains heads-up strategy in a practical and easy to follow manner, providing you with the tools you need to master those tough one-on-one poker battles. So whether you play heads-up Sit 'n Gos or multi-player SnGs/tournaments, Crushing Low Stakes Poker Volume 2 will be of value to you. Includes Push-Fold Charts and Example Hands Included in the book are push/fold charts for heads-up play. These charts let you make mathematically correct endgame decisions so you can maximize your winnings. Throughout the book you will also find multiple example hands with detailed analysis to illustrate important concepts and strategy.
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