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Hot? Check.

Older? Check.

Forbidden? Trouble? Completely wrong? Check. Check. Check. 


He’s my dad’s best friend and business partner.

My father, normally a smart man, could’ve sent anyone else to console me.

But no, he asked Scott for the favor.

I was going through a brutal breakup when he tried to cheer me up.

But he didn’t just leave after I was smiling.

He stole my heart.

Ravished my curves.

He made me belong to him.


Maybe this was all my fault.

I should’ve stopped it before it happened.

But I never thought that the consequences would be this scandalous.

I’m pregnant and I can tell no one.

Including Scott.

Especially Scott.

And if my dad catches a whiff of it, then we’re both screwed.

More than we already are!


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