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Dark Winter: Crescent Moon by John Hennessy

Demons. Witches. Devils. Friends, or Foes? Find out who survives in Dark Winter 2The terror rises and then some in Dark Winter: Crescent MoonRomilly protected the Mirror of Souls and won a decisive victory over the demons of Gorswood. She believes her job is done, and prepares to leave her hometown. The demon within her, however, stays ”" and leaves Romilly no chance to find happiness, peace and love. A humiliated Toril is unable to move on. The young witch wants vengeance no matter what the cost. Toril raises the stakes in a cat-and-mouse game with the enemy where only one can emerge victorious.Beth faces an internal struggle to stay true to her faith whilst needing to do what is right. When an old adversary resurfaces to challenge her, maybe even having God on her side will not be enough. With the nightmares becoming all too real, Romilly, Toril and Beth can no longer tell friend from foe. When the terrors of the night become the terrors of the day, who will be left standing for the final showdown?Dark Winter: Crescent Moon, is the second installment of the Dark Winter Trilogy.AUTHOR NOTES: Not suitable for young readers. Story has elements of sex, strong fantasy horror and psychological horror, scenes of violence throughout and infrequent but strong swearing. Dark Winter: Crescent Moon is upper / middle YA, suitable for people fifteen years and older.Scroll up and get your copy today!˃˃˃ What other reviewers said. "The series returns with an explosive turn of events with a better and intriguing narration and language. it is whole more spookier and addictive than its prequel."- Editorial Review - Read Watch and Think Blog"Dark Winter: Crescent Moon is a continuation of a gripping tale of demons,ghosts, and witchcraft, and the dangers encountered by the teenage heroes in trying to defeat them."- Editorial Review - BrenC"Author has fantastic imagination and describes all the scenes as well as thoughts and feelings of his characters in vivid (and often frightening) detail, but leaves many things to our interpretation."- Editorial Review - K.S."Although the book was scary, still I found myself vouching for more and I completely stuck like glue to the whole story."- Editorial Review - Book Stop Corner"If I can recover from the intensity this story hammers you with, I'll be around for book 3"- Editorial Review - Charlotte Henley"It is a spine chilling story but also incorporates a vast array of emotions and you are compelled to read to the end."- Editorial Review - S.B.Scroll up and grab a copy today.
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