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Dark Winter: Last Rites by John Hennessy

The final chapter in the Dark Winter series.* * *What would you risk losing, in order to win?As the Crescent Moon set on that last day of winter, the residents of Gorswood realised that the horrors that had been contained in the woods for so long, had finally risen, and were coming for them.With the fate of Romilly, Beth, and Gorswood’s greatest ever witch uncertain, an age-old evil senses its time has come, threatening to cover the inhabitants of Gorswood in a new and never ending terror.Even if the newest owner of the Mirror of Souls is to prevail, at what cost will her victory be?Meanwhile, the last rites on a long dead demon need to be performed. But her spirit resides in the most terrifying place of all, meaning that a choice will have to be made.A choice that will affect the entire world…..Note: Mature content. Story contains elements of strong psychological horror, infrequent but strong swearing, and gory scenes throughout. Also contains themes of teen martial arts fiction, bullying, suicide, and sexual abuse. Not recommended for anyone younger than fifteen years of age. (less)Also in the series:I: Dark Winter The Wicca CircleII: Dark Winter Cresent MoonDark Winter Trilogy Edition
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