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Build a day-trading strategy that stands the test of time. So, you want to make money from stocks . . . It isn’t as hard as many believe. This complete day trading series will equip you with all you need for swift success: expert trading systems, the psychology inherent to killer trading, and keys to mastering Forex. Inside you will discover: VOL. I How to recognize trading patterns 5 Proven expert systems allowing you to thrive with ease Indicators enabling you to pinpoint subtle trend reversals When to enter and exit the market, maximizing your gains VOL II The truth behind ALL trader psychology How to use trends to your own advantage How to avoid the most common pitfalls Tips to sidestep cognitive biases Methods to master learning curves with minimal effort VOL. III What the Forex market is and how to pick your entry point The characteristics of top investors and how to emulate greatness The principal currencies and forces that drive them The key to understanding price movements How to wield a portfolio wisely, lessening risk AND MORE! Build your knowledge by taking stock in an expert trader, and avoid expensive mistakes. Grow your wealth today.
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