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Ready to Day Trade Like A Pro?! Do you want to grow your income and become financially independent? Day trading is one of the best investment strategies that can help you grow your income with small wins. With as little as $100 you can start growing your income. In this beginner-friendly book, you will learn effective and easy-to-use trading steps. Whether it’s to find the right stocks to trade or how to develop a proper trading plan, the steps in this book are easy to understand from start to finish. You’ll find an already tested and approved trading strategy that you can follow to successfully place your trades. You will learn how easy it can be to set up your trading account and learn how to adopt a trading mentality to make appropriate decisions devoid of any emotions. In the end, you will be able to exercise a high degree of discipline and only place trades that match your risk appetite. This book will provide you with a step-by-step procedure on; How to open your brokerage account and how to choose the best trading platform How to create an effective trading plan How and where to find stocks you can trade How to refine your stocks watchlist How to place a trade How to monitor and review your trades Even as a beginner trader, there is no need to be intimidated by day trading. Learn how you can make money and acquire extensive knowledge day trading in the stock market. I hope this book will reshape your thinking, success, and provide you with the tips and strategies that transform your trading activities. So whether you want to learn about the financial market, win more trades or grow your investment portfolio, this book is for you!
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