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Doctor Lucky Charms by K.C. Crowne


This holiday season, there's more than gingerbread in the oven.
I met the hottest man ever...
Then proceeded to tell him to shove his money up his Irish rear.

It wasn't like I'd run into him ever again.
Not like I'd see him while visiting my OBGYN.
Wearing a thin paper gown on an exam table.

That's exactly what happened!!
The Irish guy I told to go to hell is my OBGYN. FML!!

The humiliation doesn't stop there.
Dr. Lucky Charms is apparently famous.
Him and his siblings are the stars of a reality TV series.
And every woman in Ireland is obsessed.

I came to a foreign country to start something new.
Now I'm convinced I've thrown my entire life down the drain.

Couple all that with a positive pregnancy test...
And I'm headed for the craziest holiday season ever!!

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