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There’s a girl. Tall, fierce, hair as red as a Scotsman’s blood. Her eyes that can lure you beyond the hills, to the depths of the loch, to the heart of the world itself. None can resist the music of her words. She is the great protector of men’s dreams. She is strength, she is beauty; she is the judge of a man’s worth. For as long as she could remember Freya Lachlan’s grandmother was the DreamWatcher, the guardian of the people of Inverness who stood watch over their dreams and protected them from the evils that inhabited them and the wrath of angered Gods. But Moira Lachlan is an old woman now and her powers have weakened considerably. Now a new terror stalks the people she once protected, a demon from Hell known as the Nuckelavee. Unable to keep on protecting the villagers, Moira knows that the time has come to pass the power to her granddaughter, hoping that Freya will have inherited sufficient knowledge from her to be their saviour. It’s more frightening and dangerous than anything Freya has ever known, but soon she was drawn to a man in her dream , Camdyn Auchten, a fearless young man who also possesses a power that was passed down from his grandfather, who died fighting the Nuckelavee. Together, the two of them are determined to find a way to save their people just as they begin to fall for one another. But do they have sufficient power to beat the demon that stalks their people? Or are they destined to fail like many more before them?
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