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Unique to this title is: A Historical Introduction An Overview An Analysis of The Main Characters You may of course skip all of it and go straight to the main title if you do not want any spoilers and come back later to the beginning. The story of The Clockwork Man takes place in 1920 when a strange man appears during a village cricket match. As one of the teams is a player short, the captain of the team recruits the stranger as a substitute for the missing man. The man looks very unusual. “His arms revolved like sails of a windmill. His legs shot out in all directions. He wore a very unusual red wig, over which he wore a brown bowler hat. His face was crimson and flabby. His ears flapped.” Where the clockwork man comes from, every single person has a clock installed in his brain. The clock keeps people going on forever, so there is no need for children and relationships. Enjoy this Timeless Classic!
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