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A beautiful, captivating, and quite delectable culinary experience of eastern recipes--from Bangalore to Beijing!In this debut cookbook by E. H. Cervantes, you will be transported east, and your senses will be engaged by these 20 vegan and vegetarian recipes, that include dishes like Pakistani Vegan Zucchini Curry and Vegan Indian Split Red Lentils.You will be combining such flavorful ingredients as cumin, hot Indian green chilis, ginger, ground clove, coriander, sesame seeds, and so much more! Imagine the aroma drifting from your kitchen, filling up the entire house, as mealtime nears. You can combine delightful and unique flavor and aroma without compromising vegan and vegetarian diet requirements.Exploring The Fresh Cookbook offers a vibrant new mealtime experience! Scroll up and order your copy now.
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