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In the remote and gloomy mountains of Hungary, a renegade Silicon Valley billionaire is the money man behind a modern-day troop of brownshirts training in an ancient castle that once sheltered Vlad the Impaler. Military inventor Mark McGinley and ex-Navy engineer Kate Hall race from Miami to Paris to Hungary and back to recover Pegasus, the miniature space-age submarine they’ve built for the CIA. Along the way they fall in love, but their first real date is almost their last. After midnight, as their sailboat rocks gently on Biscayne Bay, the click of a limpet fuse Mark knows from his Navy past gives them a few seconds of warning, allowing them to escape before the boat blows up around them. The chase is on. From Miami to a small airport near Paris, with the help of Eddie Grant, they track their pride and joy to a deep mountain lake in Hungary, where a rescue is no sure thing.
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