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Expert fingers dug into her willing slit and drew up and down the eager hole, the hardened clitoris. Yes, she was wet but he pretended surprise. "Why, Sunflower...your pussy is hungry already." "Yes, Master," she replied, sighing. "Has it been unattended for so long" "Yes, Master. Yes, it has." Her voice trembled this time. "Would that lovely cunt like to be used" he asked very quietly. Her response came out in a wail. "Yes! Yes, Master! Oh, yes...yes, please. Please...please, Master...please" He had prodded her into a state of rapturous delirium. The teasing slide of his fingers merely heightened her pleasure and her need for more. They ran a notch past into the swollen nether lips to and fro from the pounding clitoris, now an angry flower in scarlet blossom. His fingers were wet. even through the touch of the silk. Even indirectly, his touch made him the possessor of her senses, of her wild and roaming spirit. As delightful as his hand was, she went rigid when he tugged the silk down to the floor and cupped her bared, plump-lipped sex...
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