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Without Grr,—I didn’t name him, okay?—I’d have been a goner. And his furry abs? Just a bonus. (A nice one.) First, giant alien lizard-guys abduct me. Then they leave me alone in a cell next to Grr. Then the force-field between us dies. So now it’s just me and Grr. Sure, he’s beat up and pissed off with claws and fangs (I kind of like the fangs). And he growls a lot. Anyone would in our situation. But hey, if you’re going to escape an alien prison ship and get chased across a planet where half the creatures you meet try to eat you, it’s good to have seven-feet of Grr at your side. He’s also easy on the eyes. Abs-on-abs, biceps-on-biceps, and let’s say all the right bulges in all the right places. And he likes ear rubs. And other rubs. And rubbing me. (I like that too.) The more time I spend with Grr, the more I think getting abducted by aliens wasn’t such a bad thing. I just hope the lizard-guys don’t kill us before Grr can call in the big guns. The ones that aren’t furry. (Seriously, I’m not talking about the St. Bernard sized hamster. We just met him.) Grr! is a full-length (and I mean full-length) alien warrior romance with pulse-pounding action, lots of humor, cute critters, and all the hotness. If you like alien abduction romance with a twist, give Grr! a try. HEA guaranteed.
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