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In this book, you will learn easy ways to build productive habits that will help you succeed by establishing daily rituals. The purpose of the rituals is to provide emotional, intellectual and physical fuel for the dream you intentionally create. The dream you create will be congruent with the goals and objectives you set. The dream of a compelling future. This dream is visited in the present as if you are living your dream at this moment. This will influence what you see hear and experience each day and move you towards the life you desire. It may come as a surprise to you that you are already living a ritual. What you have now is the result of your daily ritual. From when you wake up, to your first thoughts and intentions through to what you eat and when you eat your breakfast. Your morning exercise or lack of exercise are all parts of the ritual that is very successfully fueling the current dream in which you live your life. Are you living the dream you desire?
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