Some mysteries can be solved quickly and easily. Other mysteries may take years and years to unravel. My dad was a mystery that I could not solve until after he had passed on. Odd behaviors, constant marriage troubles, the inability to hold on to a job are just a few parts of the question that I had to ask someone. I needed answers and they came to me rather unexpectedly. When they were uncovered they revealed more questions that had to to be answered. Although a light was now shining on troubling events from my past, it was a conversation with a psychiatrist that changed my direction. This doctor had assisted my wife and I as we began to wrestle with trauma in our lives. She asked the right question at the right time and that was my opportunity to share feelings about my dad. As I shared my experience then sought answers, this book was born.That doctor’s insight and wisdom helped me to understand who my dad was. This is the story of getting the answers about my past. It is also the story of a boy growing up with no boundaries in his life. The story of a wild, wonderful and, at times, scary childhood. It’s about maturing, changing, understanding, and trying to live with a sociopathic narcissist father.

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