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In this hospital… …the doctors are sexy, arrogant, and trouble. Will she be able to resist the Golden Boy’s charms? Bailey had done her best to raise her 15-year-old sister Josie since their parents died. It wasn’t easy, but she worked hard to build a career. Now, she was the top Surgical Technicians and had earned the doctor’s respect. When her boss, Dr. Lopez, decides it’s time to retire, she’s not ready for his successor. The hospital's top surgeon had it all. As sexy as he was successful, she felt her pulse raise when he entered the operating room. Would she fight her attraction and remain professional? Long hours and no social life had begun to wear her down. Still, she had a plan, and it didn’t involve falling for her boss. When Bailey finally gives in, everything changed in a torrent of passion. Her head spun when she saw his high-end apartment. But was it all a façade? Would his dark side destroy her? Baily’s life may never be the same again. You’ll love this Steamy Medical Romance series (Books 1 - 4), because Baily’s search for a HEA is just beginning and the journey will keep you reading. Get it now.
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