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Bodyguards ruin all the fun. Kiki made it in the music business without help, so when a man shows up, claiming to be her bodyguard, she does the first logical thing that pops into her head—she cripples him with pepper spray. Turns out, her record label hired him on Kiki’s behalf. He was telling the truth. Whoops. If things could get worse, they do. Her new bodyguard is her former schoolgirl crush, Josh Coleman. How was she supposed to recognize him, all grown-up and with the kind of muscles that look like they belong on the cover of a glossy magazine? Kiki wants to hate having Josh around, but she can’t. He can navigate cringeworthy paparazzi photos, handle vain male co-stars, and hold back rabid crowds like a champ. There’s just one problem: Josh is off limits. One measly kiss to see if his lips are as soft as they look and he'll lose his job. If Josh wasn’t so noble, he’d give her what she wanted. Bodyguards seriously suck the fun out of everything… Read the Entire Fools for Love Romantic Comedy Series by Rachael Eliker! Full of toe-curling passion, hilariously awkward mishaps, and satisfying happily-ever-afters, each book can be read as a standalone. ★ Book One: When a Star Falls ★ ★ Book Two: How a Star Shines ★ ★ Book Three: See a Star Rise ★ ★ Book Four: Shoot for the Stars ★ ★ Book Five: Written in the Stars ★ ★ Book Six: Falling for the Star ★ ★ Book Seven: Wish on a Star ★
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