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Many of us, myself included, have these thoughts, we want to bring a little more abundance into our lives, right? It doesn't matter if you need something more. You want to pay your bills, or a little more to go on a nice holiday, or live a whole new life, in prosperity and abundance? So, if you feel there is something missing in your life, maybe these tips can help you further to attract the abundance and fulfillment for that which you desire. And do you know who makes that possible? YOU yourself. Your question is justified, how can the universe help me, it sounds strange, but you can understand it better if you familiarize yourself a little with the matter. Question: "what does, or can the universe do"? Our body and mind, like everything in the world, is made up of vibrations, it vibrates and all these vibrations are transmitted directly to the universe. What are, or who makes these vibrations? Your thoughts. You, too, must have had something you wished for in your dreams, and suddenly, it was there. Think about whether something like this has ever happened to you before. It could also have been a warning in some form or a special help. You don't think about it, but you wonder why something came. To make this a little clearer to you, I would like to tell a small but true story in which the Universe helped in some way.
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