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Are you a coffee lover? Do you want to make a perfect cup of coffee to impress your friends and family, every single time? Do you want to know about the health benefits of coffee, and discover fun and innovative ways to make coffee? Then you will love this book. Most people that are desperate for that caffeine kick in the morning would rush to their nearest corner cafe or grab a quick instant coffee to get going. In the process, they settle for a bland-tasting coffee or one that cannot give them that energy boost.   But YOU deserve more than that. You deserve a PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE. Every. Single. Time. And this book will give you everything you need to know to brew a perfect cup of coffee with a 100% success rate.  You may see this book as your coffee bible that equips you with the knowledge you need. Or it is your world atlas of coffee that inspires you to create new ways to make coffee already embraced from all over the world: from the popular auto-drip method in the United States to Turkish brewing; from concentrate brewing in Latin America to French press and Vietnamese coffee drip.  Once you’ve finished the book, you would have learned: Some fun facts about coffee and its fascinating history The main types of coffee beans How coffee may decrease your risk of liver disease or diabetes, and boost memory How to enjoy coffee’s antioxidant qualities even with sensitive stomachs And not only that, you would have mastered: 6 ways to brew coffee How to grind your whole beans correctly How to match your grind to your brewing method How to choose a perfect coffee maker  How to maintain your coffee maker So no matter whether your PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE is already an Americano, espresso, or mocha—you will find that you can make it even more perfect. Do you want to make the best tasting coffee ever? Do you want to impress anyone anytime with your new skills? Are you ready to be a coffee expert? “BUY NOW” to unlock your coffee-making talent TODAY!
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