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Just Pretend by Sofia T Summers


Pretend to be my fiancée to make my ex-wife jealous?

He couldn’t possibly be serious.


Except that he was…


And I was pretty damn serious when I went along with his mad plan.

One word: Switzerland.

That’s where I’d go to play the role of his fiancée.

Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Walker is my irresistible single dad next door.

I’ve drooled over him.

I’ve wanted him.

And I’ve crossed the line with him.

All while he made me feel special with all my curves.

While he hired me as his au pair.


We had a good thing going until we began destroying it.

A fake engagement combined with real feelings is a cocktail that’s lethal.

Now imagine that cocktail with a drizzle of pregnancy and whole lot of craziness…

I doubt either of us will come out of this thing sober!

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