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He got them all...All but oneNow the leader of the gang is in his sights — but at terrible risk to Aurélie, the love of his life.You might think Eddie Grant has done everything he can but it wouldn’t be true, at least not yet. The half-American, half-French golden boy of Paris cleaned up most of the gang that murdered his father, his wife, and his young son. The evil genius behind the plot remains out of reach, invisible, as though he never existed, but Eddie’s thirst for revenge remains as keen as ever. He won’t settle for mere justice. In a glittering salon in the most expensive quartier of Paris, Eddie’s man surfaces, linked to a shady French banker, an American TV goldbug, and a pretentious Texas congressman running for president. He's back in Paris and on the prowl for Stinger missiles, with which he plans to threaten Charles De Gaulle, the diamond of French airports. Eddie must stop him. When the goldbug dies a gruesome death, Eddie must come to a decision: does he or doesn’t he follow the case to the end? The wrong choice could be the last one he ever makes. Does vengeance outweigh the call of his growing romance with the beautiful Aurélie? She’s clear about it — at her urging, he jumps back into the fray, calling for help from his friend Jeremy Bentham, a retired two-star general he served under as company commander during the First Gulf War. The bewitching Jen, who he thought was far in the past, plays a key role. In his public life, Eddie is heir to a great American industrial fortune and an investing genius who has multiplied the wealth his father left behind — and Aurélie’s handsome companion at the society events and Sorbonne soirées she loves but he would rather avoid. In the background, he’s a CIA “unofficial," who volunteers to be the Paris eyes and ears for his CIA and Desert Storm friend Icky Crane. Kirkus Reviews said Last Stop: Paris is "A full-throttle adventure through modern Europe and the Mediterranean that’s part thriller, part mystery, and all rollicking ride." Shelf Unbound Magazine selected it as one of the six best indie books of the year.
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