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Are you striving for a greater life yet feel yourself stuck in a constant loop of negativity? Ready to achieve your highest levels yet unsure how?

The truth is: many of us actively try to build our best lives yet usually end up falling short. We experiment with different methods, set our goals, and despite our greatest efforts, we don’t see the change we desire. I have been in this position personally and battled with the grips of anxiety and depression first hand for many years. There have been countless times where no matter how much I got up, the calls of insecurity within continued to knock me back down.

It eventually reached a point where I firmly believed “perhaps suicide is the only way out”. Despite being pushed to the edge multiple times, I continued to fight. Everyday even when I didn’t see a point to anything, I continued to rise up and search for meaning. I thought to myself “There has to be a way out of this once and for all”.

Through 8 years of dedicated study to spirituality, human conditioning, and behavior, I gathered a great deal of helpful information. Since then, I’ve gone on to implement some of the best practices in my life and turned away from a world of negativity and suffering. Now I live in peace and harmony, even running a business called Higher Self Help, guiding thousands of people through their pain every day.

In this book you will discover: Easy and highly effective strategies to defeat your darkness

    The reality is, mental health and feelings of isolation are present in our society today than ever before. Approximately 284 million people suffer from anxiety today in the world, and the numbers are still rising. I know first-hand the feeling of having no hope first hand. The struggles of mental health come from years of trauma and internal belief systems we have, limiting us from happiness and our true potential.

    However, you are not limited. You are extraordinary. You can make change and achieve your dreams. With this information, approach, and practice, you can shed those negative habits and begin to see the world with new eyes, even if you have failed countless times before.

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