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For a while, Clara stopped believing that she could be herself. Lost in her career, her life became flavorless, still, almost nonsense to her. But then an unexpected meeting reminds her of the person she was, the one she could be. Will she pursue that possibility? Clara’s life feels like still water: motionless, silent, flavorless. Her job as a lawyer has silenced her love for music and her past as a pianist. And when she needs comfort the most, her relationship with her best friend breaks into a million pieces. This places Clara in a downward spiral, and she feels like she is silently watching someone else living her life. An unexpected meeting with a new client will shake her stillness, bringing back memories of who she was and what it meant to feel alive. Will this help Clara find what she truly wants? Like Still Water is the first chapter in Clara’s story. This sets the stage for the exciting and heartwarming journey of self-discovery through Italy that Clara will begin in the second chapter of her story, Looking for Clara. If you like women’s fiction and literary fiction, you’ll love Clara’s story.
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