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The ideal diet must offer wider choices, relatively fewer restrictions, and none of those long grocery lists of oftentimes expensive and specialized foods. It must be an easy, convenient, and viable dietary program you could maintain and sustain for years, if not, for forever. It must also be as beneficial to your body, bones, and brain as it is to your heart...and waistline! More importantly, it can only offer you something much better and fulfilling—a lifetime of savory and nutritious recipe choices that will serve your entire being in a more holistic way...and not just certain parts of you. The quintessential diet that satisfies to a tee all these parameters is none other than the authentic Mediterranean Diet! No wonder the dietary program has become the “Best Diet” for years now; with UNESCO, no less, designating the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Award for being much more than just celebrating the consumption of healthy foods and drinks. The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners is the only complete cookbook guideline you will ever need to start and stick to the regimen. It divides its scope and intent into two comprehensive parts to facilitate your engagement. The first part discusses the real essence of the dietary program and everything you need to know about practicing, maintaining, and sustaining the Mediterranean Diet. The second part shares with you 56 selected top-rated, easy-to-prepare, overly healthy, nutritionally well-balanced, and delectable recipes that follow the concepts of the genuine Mediterranean Diet. Although they are original Mediterranean recipes, you will have all the conveniences of cooking up each of them since they carry ingredients easily sourced and available from your local grocery stores! These recipes will motivate you to cook up a 14-day meal plan and inspire you to sprinkle them into your days and weeks to render style, variety, and all the healthy rewards to your eating routine shared with your loved ones. Hence, you can redesign, reschedule, and reinvent your dining patterns with the diet for your entire life while never feeling as if you are actually on a diet! As an overview, the recipes compose eight sets of cooking preparations with seven selected recipes for each set: Bountiful Breakfast Salad & Soups Sides & Snacks Pizza & Pasta Seafood Staples Meaty Meals Vegetarian Viands Dessert Delights Within these recipes, you will even learn how to whip up your homemade Mediterranean-styled hummus, tzatziki, and pesto sauces, as well as making the proper pastry dough for your pizza. Grab your copy now and be a true Mediterranean bon vivant, savoring sensuously the best and healthiest in foods and drinks! Toe the line of the Blue Zone lifestyle of slowing down while spending your precious time to enjoy and love life. The Mediterranean Diet is all about going back to your healthy eating and living alter your life for the better, forever! !!!Please note!!! Book is available in 2 Paperback formats – Black & white and Full-color. Choose the best for you!
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