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Everything is Bigger in Texas. The number of killings too? There is a dark past to the great state of Texas. One written in the blood of the innocent. For decades, Texas has been a hotbed of serial killer activity. Most famous for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Texas’ serial killers have reaped a horrific toll. From Dean Corll luring young males to their deaths with candy and a charming smile to the infamous Killing Fields along Route 45, Texas hides the secrets of deviant killers with no regard for their fellow man. Restless spirits linger in the cold desert nights, victims of the ultimate sin, because not every body has been found. Part of the acclaimed Murderers Everywhere series, Texas presents a new host of America’s worst killers. Each chapter brings up more questions than answers, leaving you, the Jury of Readers, to decide the balance between guilt and motive. Filled with facts detailing the twisted tales of several killers, Murderers In Texas is a must-read for the curious and those who can’t imagine what it takes to push someone to the point of killing their fellow man. Read on and take a trip, if you dare, down one of the darkest roads in the country and discover the horrific truths of the great state of Texas.
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