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Meet the Mistletoe Matchmakers. The best kind of second chance puts the hearts of rivals on the line. He's back and he's not about to walkaway this time. In Mistletoe, anything is possible. Everyone wants the small-town whirlwind fantasy, but no one knows where to find that kind of romance. But there’s a rumor you can find it in Mistletoe and only during the Christmas season. Enter the Mistletoe Matchmakers. Checking on her father recovering in the hospital, Taylor Dean ducks out of the shared room to fill the flowers with water – okay, and to text her sister that their dad is sharing a room with his sworn enemy, the matriarch of the Wilson family! Taylor can’t believe she’s made a successful career as a world-renowned matchmaker yet can’t find love herself. Maybe she compares everything to the one who got away… or maybe… everyone really does only get that one shot at happily-ever-after. Just her luck, the two original matchmakers, while mortal enemies, also took their jobs seriously. After Taylor begs her father and the Wilson matriarch to help her, she can’t fight the surge of hope when they agree. Until he walks in. When Roman Wilson returns to Mistletoe, Montana after his mother’s heart attack scare, he makes wild claims and even crazier challenges when he runs into Taylor in the hospital room. The last thing he needs is a Dean telling him what to do and that specific Dean to boot. No matter what he says though, he just digs himself a deeper hole. Before Roman knows it, he and Taylor are pitted against each other in the yearly matchmaking contest to help their recovering counterparts. The second chance Roman and Taylor have always wanted is given to someone else. Is true love in their matches or will they find their way back to each other? ***Books by Bonnie R. Paulson*** Clearwater County Collection The MONTANA TRAILS SERIES Broken Trails (book 1) Forbidden Trails (book 2) Unbridled Trails (book 3) Hidden Trails (book 4) Forgotten Trails (book 5) Endless Trails (book 6) Forsaken Trails (book 7) Lonesome Trails (book 8) Lost Trails (book 9) Untamed Trails (book 10) LONELY LACE SERIES Spurs and Lace (book 1) Secrets and Lace (book 2) Sorrows and Lace (book 3) Boxset (all 3 books) REDEMPTION SERIES Romancing Redemption (book 1) Riding for Redemption (book 2) Resisting Redemption (book 3) Regretting Redemption (book 4) Rewarding Redemption (book 5)
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