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The key to true prosperity? Remember to remember! We all wish that we could have a better memory... but wishing isn’t enough. Luckily, a legitimate shortcut exists, and boosting your brainpower will help you achieve more in every aspect of your life. This book will help you master the secrets of memory retention. You’ll discover the keys to learn faster, achieve more success and be more productive—and never forget them. Inside you’ll learn: Many different memory enhancement techniques and practical uses for them How to boost your brain power and balance your mind with brain training and nutrition Various types of memory and how to access them How to fully memorize a pack of cards—and other nifty tricks ALONG WITH MUCH, MUCH MORE! You’ll love unlocking your brain's full potential, and the benefits of a razor-sharp memory will manifest themselves immediately. Don’t allow your greatest tool to gather dust. It’s time to grasp your full potential today.
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