Free Free
This gets you gripped the entire story. The element of fear, shock and heartwrenching decisions came through so clearly. The suspense was palatable, right up through the ending. The descriptions fit the mood and darkened the entire setting. There was a distinct chill... from the set to the emotions...and the writer pulls you in from the first sentence, tipping hand only as much as necessary, a brilliant balance from start to finish. " Flashing Sue one of his award-winning smiles as he pulled the car back onto the street, Jack countered, “Its colder than a witch’s . . . oh, never mind.” Sue smiled, familiar with the saying but appreciating his reserve. He could do no wrong right now especially after his kind treatment toward her last night. She had been at a low point yesterday trying to make sense out of the emotional collage in her head and Jack had listened, given advice and finally just held her while she cried her mind clear. Touching the bruises on her face left behind by her encounter with a light post two nights ago, Sue wondered how she ever let her date’s bitter comments bother her and create such doubt about herself and her romantic future. After a good cry, an attentive listener and several strong hugs, Sue felt more herself. Jack certainly could understand her, better than anyone else. He was her training agent and they worked well together so it was only natural that they had begun to spend social time together as well, a few lunches and an occasional dinner. "
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