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An exclusive bewitching journey to discover the mysterious secrets holding you back: Thrills, tragedy, comedy, excitement, business, philosophy… Stop being naive! Truth of people & crazy logic that rules you and rule the world. Be your own master, discover yourself, control your destiny, meet your dreams! The simple answers to the complicated questions: Why are there wars? Why do some people stay poor no matter what they do? Can you change your luck? How can you control your destiny? How can you change your life practically, simply and with no miracles or magic? … and so much! This is the book you need to get control over your life and to entirely change your situation! After reading this book, you’ll hopefully become your own master and the source of inspiration to others around you, No "impossible" anymore! This book will teach you: · The Rules and Which Ones to Break · The Truth about Success · The Art—and Struggle—of Growth · The Conventional Logic holding you back · Secrets to becoming Happy and Successful · Benefits of Breaking Out of Comfort Zone · Tools to take Control of Your Life · …and much more! Change Your Mind, Change Your Thinking, and Change Your Life!
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