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We all have them. Some are visible, obvious and seen. Others are invisible, hidden, and unseen. But they all are powerful, with the ability to affect our identity, value, and worth. They are our scars. Our hurts. Our wounds. Denise Ann Goosby has struggled with her inner and outer scars since childhood. After developing a disfiguring, and often painful, skin condition as a child and enduring bullying, family dysfunction, and rejection, Denise has known physical and emotional pain her entire life. But where there are scars, there is healing. Scarred like Him: Seeing the Beauty in the Life You Live chronicles Denise’s journey to feeling loved, whole, accepted, and beautiful. Through her story, you’ll discover that healing can only come when we offer up our most vulnerable, soul-scarred selves to the One who accepts us and desires to live through us. Each chapter of Scarred like Him beautifully weaves Denise’s story with a related devotional and a heartfelt song or poem, penned by Denise herself.
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