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Has your self-esteem taken a hit over the last couple of years? If so, read on and find that it's not irreversible. The fact is that the self-esteem of a woman is vital to her happiness. It is the backbone that she depends upon to come across to others as a complete and confident person. Is it possible to improve your sense of self-esteem? Indeed, it is, but you need to know how to do it, and that's where this book comes in handy. Years of work with women who deal with self-esteem and confidence problems have gone into writing this book. Many women make the mistake of ignoring this aspect of their lives, yet it can make the difference between happiness and unhappiness in a huge way. It can also make a difference in the way that others approach you as a woman.   Have you ever wondered why some women get teamed up with losers? What about those that get into abusive marriages? It isn't a coincidence that most of these women have emotional problems brought about by self-esteem issues. Is it their fault? Not at all. It's simply that they have not yet discovered ways in which to help their self-esteem levels to rise. This book was written and designed specifically for women. The advice and tips that are contained within it will help you to move out of that zone of discomfort into a better place so that you can face the world with your head held high, knowing that you maximize your life and are happy with the results of your efforts. Through this reading you will learn: •    What is Self-Esteem •    Which events and behaviors could had an impact lowering your Self-Esteem •    How it’s possible to reverse the path and start improving your confidence •    What is the role of the women’s body for Self-Esteem •    How to deal with Self-Esteem issues in various stage of a women life •    How to manage critical situation at home and in the workplace •    Free yourself from guilt and shame •    Step-by-step guides to practice both physical and mental healthy lifestyle, which will help you improve your Self-Esteem as soon as you will finish the reading Take this journey and know that you are not on your own. People around you will notice the butterfly that is emerging and will want to share that victory with you. You can start changing your life, just by buying this book right now.
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