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Are you aspiring to start your own urban garden homestead and become more self-sufficient? Would you like to cut your household budget by half – or more – without compromising your quality of life? Are you a beginner - eager to start living more sustainably but don’t know how to start? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then keep reading… Creating a self-sufficient home and life is the “front and center” topic all over the world. Some do it out of pure necessity, while others are looking into sustaining their families under these harsh economic and environmental conditions. You may be wondering: How to start an urban garden in a small space? What does it take to be self-sufficient? In a world as highly dynamic as ours, independent living can be an invaluable trait. By employing intelligent tactics and technologies, you can feed your family, eliminate high utility bills, and minimize stress. However, starting your own garden and homesteading can be an overwhelming task – and you need to prepare and learn what it takes to start. In Self Sufficient Backyard: Urban Homestead Living, you will discover: How to beat the odds and succeed in self-sufficient backyard living by grasping the basics and using them to your advantage How to calculate the amount of land your family needs to achieve self-sufficiency How to live in harmony with nature How to stop eating pesticide-ridden foods from the stores and grow your garden of goodies from your backyard space Ways to live off the grid including solar power and maintaining water sources How to prepare your backyard for gardening and other essential farming activities, no matter its current use How to raise animals, grow vegetables in the city or on a small plot and create composting systems for greener lawns How to maximize your available backyard space or farm to ensure you get maximum yields, even if you only have an acre or less How to reduce your utility bill by more than half using readily available (and accessible) resources around your environment And much more… Living off your backyard may seem impossible, but that’s probably because you don’t have all the information needed to make a sound decision. This book is filled with ideas on how to live more minimally, sustainable and eco-friendly life. This guide will wipe away all your doubts and help you build the life you’ve always wanted for yourself and your family.
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