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Rogan Sneed . . . Portland's Worst Nightmare - SIGNS OF LIFE (Signs of Life Series, Book 1) - Tragedy Strikes the City - High school teacher Tyson Cooper is just dismissing his class when a student flashes his phone. "Another shooting, Mr. C." And this one is too close to home. Tyson races to Pioneer Square . . . but he's too late. The light of his life has been snuffed out—and so has his faith. Veteran Portland Police Investigator Wayne Deetz, two years shy of retirement, is charged with leading the interrogations. When he meets 19-year-old shooter Rogan Sneed face-to-face, his life is changed forever. Will Tyson settle for anything less than the death penalty in the case against Rogan Sneed? He's bent on justice and will do anything to make Rogan pay for the pain he inflicted on Tyson and the entire city of Portland that rainy, haunting May day. LET MY DAUGHTER GO (Signs of Life Series, Book 2) - Everyone Thought the Mass Shooting was Over . . . Rogan Sneed is spending life in prison for the mass shooting he committed at Pioneer Square in Portland, Oregon. The copycat shooter who attempted a similar attack on the anniversary of the event is dead. Time has passed. Wounds have healed. But then, a blip on the screen. A teenage girl is kidnapped in Portland. Her diary says there may still be someone out there who helped plan the original attack that killed 21 innocent people. A local plumber is a person of interest in the girl’s disappearance, but Portland Police Investigator Wayne Deetz believes something much more catastrophic is simmering beneath the surface. Close to retirement and still struggling to tame the demons of his anxiety, Deetz is forced to explore the chilling underworld to which he vowed he’d never return. But when a daughter's life is at stake, vows are broken—and demons are crushed. I PICK YOU (Signs of Life Series, Book 3) - There Are Some Bad Seeds You Never Want to Meet - A year from retirement and still reeling from daughter Leena’s kidnapping, Portland Police Investigator Wayne Deetz is called upon to check on a domestic violence case. From the moment Deetz and his friend Callie Freeland show up to help Sunny Carlisle, they are blindsided by a lawless toxic steamroller named Blaine Milligan. At a breakneck clip, things go from bad to worse as Callie is stalked and her fiancé Tyson is lured into Blaine’s web of evil and madness. While the city of Portland is being burned and dismantled by rioters, Deetz must race against the clock to protect Sunny, Callie and Tyson, and possibly even his own family. Reader Praise for the ‘Signs of Life’ Series ★★★★★ Non-Stop Action. Thrilling continuation of "Signs of Life." Who would have thought there would be a mastermind behind the mastermind of the terror attack from the first book? I loved the character development in this story, from Deetz's daughter, Leena, to the evil mastermind and her sidekick. By the end of the book, I almost felt sorry for the mastermind. But not quite. On the edge of my seat the whole time. ★★★★★ Mind-blowing! As usual a great story with wonderful characters. Suspense and edge of your seat ride! Can't wait to read the next book in this series. ★★★★★ Excellent! Suspenseful, real, edge of your seat reading that you can’t put down. Another great read from Creston Mapes! Written with details and descriptions that make you feel like you’re right there in the story. Can’t wait for the next one. ★★★★★ Suspenseful! Strong characters and storyline filled with suspense, mystery, intrigue, faith and many twists and turns. Difficulty putting the book down. ★★★★★ Our Book Club Loved It! Creston has done it again!
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