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Do you feel that your social networks occupy all your time? Do you want to get your real life back? Do you want to learn how to use your social networks profitably? You will find the solution to these questions in this book. NO LONGER LIKE ME is an effective and precise manual on what you have to do to make social networks stop managing your life. To be able to use them in a productive, profitable and healthy way for your mind and your pocket. SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION is a diary in which the author tells you the real feelings during the six months that he was disconnected from all social networks. In a second part, he gives you the tools to be able to use them effectively in your life; to grow your business, improve your relationships and connect in a healthy way. This is what you'll discover when you read SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION: Get out of WhatsApp groups that waste your time and do it assertively Improve your personal relationships outside of social networks by promoting quality links Take back a brutal amount of time to do things that really make you feel good Feeling that your neck is not watching the screen all day You will also learn to: Detect different uses of social networks and choose the most optimal. Help people in your environment who have an addiction problem with social networks Live more fully and make your personal and work communication improve exponentially Get vaccinated forever and never be aware of the viral content of the moment for hours again NO LONGER LIKE ME is the book you need to USE SOCIAL MEDIA IN A HEALTHY WAY. In addition, you will do it hand in hand with the REAL experience that the author shares with you. BUY IT at the top of this page, enjoy reading an Amazon bestseller that has already helped thousands of people around the world.
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