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When was the last time you had a good night sleep? Are you afraid of being unproductive the next morning? No matter what age you are, you must have experienced sleepless nights. This can be due to stress such as academic stress that most teenagers and young adults experience. If you want to fix your sleep problems, Internet tips and tricks aren’t going to do it for you. You need to really understand what’s going on with your sleep—both what your problems are and how to solve them. The Sleep Fix is an exciting journey of sleep self-discovery and understanding that will help your custom design specific interventions to fit your lifestyle. Diane Macedo went ahead to simplify the approaches and easily aid you in finding the path to gaining one of the most refreshing enjoyments of the world--Sleep. This book, Summary of The Sleep Fix: Practical, Proven, and Surprising Solutions for Insomnia, Snoring, Shift Work, and More by Diane Macedo is an unofficial summary and analysis of the original which includes: Book Summary Overview Chapter by Chapter Analysis Background Information about the book Background information about the author Trivia questions, Discussion questions And much more… This book will arm you with easy-to-use exercises, help you calm your hurried thoughts, and go from feeling always sleepy to getting the rest you need. Scroll up and click Add to Cart for your copy now! Disclaimer: This is an UNOFFICIAL summary and analysis, not the original book. It is designed to record all the key points of the original and will provide you with an overview before or after reading the original.
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