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The hottest age gap erotic stories you'll ever read! Jordan I don't know anything about girls... They have not been on my mind, so why now? All it took was one hot summer day a week after graduation to find out what I've been missing all of my teenage years... Kristy Miller What do you do when your teenage son's bully has you in his sights? You show him that you can play his game... That game turned out to be raunchier than one can ever imagine. Mrs. Debra Williams My student, Maxim is the worst. He's so rude and needs disclipine. Cocky but cute. If only he would listen to me in class... One mistake taking his call and I never stood a chance. Professor Remington The conservative parents of Prisha would disown her if they found out about what she did in my class. They will kill her if they learn she's now my pet until I deem otherwise.
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