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A Viscount’s volatile daughter, an Earl deceived, a wild rumour, a threat to everything they hope for, a love worth fighting for against all odds. The Honourable Miss Susan Wingfield, the practical and somewhat temperamental second daughter of the late Viscount of Gainsbourne, never believed in love at first sight… until she shared a dance with the Earl of Seabury at the Thistlewayte Hall Yuletide Ball. By the end of the night, Lord Seabury seemed rather enamoured of Susan, as well - or so she thought. Neville Hastings, the Earl of Seabury, had every intention of pursuing Miss Wingfield’s hand in marriage after she won his heart at the Thistlewayte Ball. She was breathtakingly beautiful and possessed of a depth of feeling he’d never witnessed in any other woman. But before he could put that plan into action, he heard a shocking rumour, which stole his hopes in a moment. In London, in preparation for her first Season out in society, Susan hoped and expected to have many opportunities to get to know Lord Seabury better – after all, he was her brother-in-law’s best friend! But now, more than a month has passed, and Lord Seabury seems to be avoiding her - she cannot begin to fathom what might have happened. After the way that Lord Seabury piqued her interest, not to mention engaging her affections, at the Yuletide Ball, the fact that he has not called makes no sense. Until, that is, Susan discovers the same rumour that the Earl heard… and meets the man who declares the rumour true… Is Miss Wingfield truly promised in marriage to another man? Is there any hope of future happiness for Miss Wingfield and Lord Seabury? If you love escaping into the Regency era via clean and sweet romances filled with close-knit families, relatable characters, and a guaranteed happily ever after in each book, The Duke’s Heritage is the series for you. Although each book in this series may be read as a standalone, readers may gain more pleasure from reading the books of The Duke’s Heritage in the order in which they are released. The Duke’s Heritage Series Prequel: The Marquess’ Christmas Match - Exclusively available in the Regency Missives and Mischief Christmas Anthology Book 1: The Earl Steals a Heart Book 2: The Count Courts an Heiress (Coming Soon)
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