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Our world is tearing itself apart… The magical ley lines that bind our reality together are being threatened, and time is running out for us to save it. Dangerous enemies are lurking in the shadows – along with powerful magic that bends the nature of time and space itself. Even as I find myself joining forces with unlikely allies in the name of saving our world, I’m racked by uncertainty. With the fate of magic itself teetering on the brink, who can I really trust? And how can I know if I’m making the right choices? Everything rests on my shoulders now – and I can’t afford to slip up. The hunt for the Exiled is still ongoing, but we are wasting valuable time chasing down dead ends. The line between reality and fabrication is beginning to blur, and before we can perform an ancient ritual to save our fracturing world, I must unravel the truth behind the anti-magic cult and find a way to bring them down before it’s all too late.
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