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The hunt for the Exiled has begun…Venturing out into an unfamiliar and unforgiving world, I’m tasked with the seemingly impossible task of taking out Zero’s elite. Up until recently, I didn’t even know much about deep magic—and now I’m supposed to use it with my other abilities to take down the most dangerous enemies the Academy has ever seen.Splitting from the five people I trust with my life to work against those who have chosen the darkest of paths, I accept others as my allies. In truth, some may be enemies, chosen to work against us from within.Thrown head-first into a world of unexpected meetings, complicated family trees and mysterious time pockets, I need to unravel the mysteries of the past in order to fight for the future. All this, with the threat of a powerful black dragon looming on the horizon. Time is of the essence, and the Exiled won’t go down without a fight.
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