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The Awakening Tetralogy - Book 4 "Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung The Illusion of Happiness; Choosing Love over Fear is the fourth instalment in The Awakening Tetralogy. This spiritual book reveals the false paths we often find ourselves on and how it is possible to rediscover inner peace, meaning and happiness in our lives. When our relationship with the world around us is formed through a fear-dominant lens, our Journey through Life can often feel lonely and oppressive. Our troubles are endless, our baggage heavy, often leading us to erect internal barriers, protecting us from emotional trauma. Yet these same barriers also serve to isolate us from everything else around us, including our true selves. The Illusion of Happiness is a spiritual book revealing how to embrace love over fear, accept self-love, stop searching for meaning and inner happiness through external activities and relationships in the world and, instead, how to find our Light Within.
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