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❤ I Get Jealous Because ❤ You Are Only Mine ❤ ♥ No One Have The Right to Kiss You ♥ Touch You ♥ Care For You ♥ ⭐ All Rights Are Reserved ⭐ ⭐ FOR ME ⭐ (WATCH VIDEO TRAILER ON MY AUTHOR PAGE) ✦“Now you are mine, you will always be mine, my beautiful Zo,” he whispered. I was nearly asleep, but I couldn't help but feel warning at the possessive tone of those words.✦ ✦ Zoe Wilson is a twenty-five-year-old naive lady with an ambition of becoming a successful publisher. ✦ Dante Luciano, a thirty-seven-year-old well known as a Mafia Lord from the coast of Sicily, Italy. His ruthless demeanor instills fear in the souls of all those who encounter him. Betrayal awakens his devil, as his loaded bullets penetrate their bodies before they could even clean up. In a nutshell, nobody really dares to mess with such a man. But how would he resist love and savagery if an innocent woman made his heartbeat ❤ for the first time? Will they collide or will they live happily ever after? ⭐Find out how the aspiring publisher and the Italian mafia lord turned their lives upside down.⭐
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