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The REAL persons guide to crystals for beginners For when your get up and go, got up and left! A quick, gritty, shameless, brazen, cheeky, easy 5 step guide to kick life into check using the superpower of crystals! This sassy, gritty, cheeky book of non-religious deliciousness has arrived just in time. How do crystals work? Learn the real way, from a real person, who once had real problems. That was before she discovered the mind-blowing magic those crystals brought into her life. Follow her journey as she turned her life around in the most epic way. With crystals. From absolute rock bottom, to having mind blowing business opportunities land on her lap, huge improvement in health and blitzing her way through mental trauma to become an absolute warrior. With crystals. Or rocks, crystals, or stones. Whatever you like to call them. Bring your sense of humour along for the ride and brace yourself for a few naughty F-bombs as we delve down deep to discover how crystals will change your life and turn you into the badass you were truly meant to be. Forever. Today. She’s here to show you how to do it too, in the easiest way possible, without all the confusing BS jargon that puts everyone off. Forget all the cliched airy fairy crystal books still hanging about that go on for days and you still don’t know what they mean. We are in a new era, where people want the truth and to get to the freakin’ point without wasting any more precious time. In this quick to read, straight to the point, witty, real book, she will show you the very best, most powerful crystals that will take you from down and out, to living your best life possible with real life, relatable situations with real-life solutions. In 5 simple, quick, easy steps. A global pandemic forced people to finally wake up and take a good hard look at themselves. Dip a toe into world of non-religious spirituality to inspire questions such as: · ‘What the heck is this all about anyway?’ · ‘How do we get to the next level in this game we call life?’ · ‘How do we get all the things we want out of life?’ Really question what you are doing with your life and see how easy it is to change it. Time is the most valuable thing on earth, we can’t buy it, borrow it, or get it back, so use it wisely and read this book to shine a light on all these questions. No preparation needed, just bring a curious mind and an open heart. Forget everything you thought you knew. Strap yourselves in folks, it’s time to fly.
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