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Harla has worked hard to attain the highly respected position as commander of the king’s guard and values the control she has in life. When she is sent on a secret mission to spy on the enemy, an explosion leaves her badly burned. Her injury is nothing compared to the fear of undoing what she’s built.Danna is one of the younger medics, but her passion and knowledge for healing people is recognized among even the most experienced in her field. When the prince calls on her to aid Harla, she vows to do all she can to help. But Danna’s interests in Commander Harla blur the lines between professional and personal. She has admired the commander from a distance and now has to remind herself that Harla is merely her patient, nothing more.Harla has wounds that reach far deeper than those that scar her skin. She isn’t used to letting people get close to her. Despite the pain of her injury and the vulnerability she feels in being cared for, she finds comfort in Danna in ways she never expected.From the world of the Dragon King Series comes a tale of strength, healing, love, and the wounds that bind people together.

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