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Do you know what is the main reason why most novice traders stop trading financial markets after losing their first money? Contrary to what you think, the reason is not the lack of correct information. Many guides, in fact, provide a detailed background on the characteristics of the markets and the instruments to be used, and how. So what's missing? The first key point which completely defeats all that information is the lack of a strategy. Without a detailed plan, the challenge with millions of other players on the market cannot be undertaken. Even more critical is to understand that the strategy you decide to adopt cannot be trivially copied by other successful traders, otherwise any financial guru would be able to train others like him. However, as is evident, this doesn’t happen. If you do an autopsy of every single success story in the trading world, it becomes all too evident that every successful trader has given birth to a completely personal approach, one that fits like a tailored suit to their psychological and financial situation. What makes this guide different from any other is that in addition to explaining the basics you need to take action, you will be step-by-step directed in understanding the psychological, financial and above all personal variables that will quickly lead you to the definition of your personal trading strategy to successfully confronting the markets. The audiobook will provide an in-depth analysis of these and many other topics, such as: What is financial trading and how to approach the markets with the most efficient tools in different situations A complete crash course on options from basics to operational strategy The approach to day trading that can deliver the key to hundreds of days of profit How to exploit existing financial instruments to pursue specific investment objectives How to develop your personal operating protocol with both options and intraday trading, managing the initial phase and the subsequent scale up, as your capital increases and your technique improves An overview of the best operating platforms on which to start operating immediately
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