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The Awakening Tetralogy - Book 3 Tranquility: A Village of Hope Struggle or Enlightenment. Which truth will we teach our children? Tranquility, a novel about spirituality, is a Utopian village located in the isolated yet breathtaking Canadian Rocky Mountains, where settlers arrive in search of a slice of peace in an often hostile and violent world. A place where a young girl named Monique was born and raised by the residents of Tranquility and their neighboring First Nations native village. Having been surrounded by these enlightened individuals, Monique learns countless lessons of love she shares with us throughout these pages. Tranquility: A Village of Hope is book 3 in The Awakening Tetralogy, a series of spiritual awakening books and novels on spirituality, and is an eye-opening story centered on Monique’s extraordinary life and unique upbringing. Along the way, we learn what is possible if hope is embraced instead of fear and love rather than hate. We are also made aware of the difference we could each make in the world if we accepted the true definition of ‘Self’-less love, given without expectation of receiving anything in return, as opposed to living in a ‘Self’-ish world, as many do today and have throughout history, concerned only for ourselves.
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