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You are about to witness how 12 criminals turned their darkest fantasies into a reality! What does one must have done to earn the nickname the Lonely Hearts Killer or the Giggling Granny? How does an argument with a tenant led to one being turned into ashes? True Crime Storytime Volume 1 will examine these and other horrific crimes and delves deep into the grotesque thinking of the monstrous individuals who perpetrated them. Learn the psychology behind some of history’s more terrifying murderers and explore their motivations — no matter how sinister! In this spine-chilling read, you will get to enjoy the following true crime stories: Ruth Snyder and Henry Judd Gray: A love so passionate that Ruth and Henry were willing to commit murder — a scintillating tale of two lovers so captivating it was turned into a film Henry Moity: Meet the man that changed how people see travel trunks forever — the “New Orleans Trunk Murders” features two tightly sealed trunks, each containing the carefully butchered and expertly packed corpses of Theresa Moity and her sister Leonide, respectively Nannie Doss: A gruesome murder story that will likely put you off the idea of marriage for good — proof that cold-hearted serial killers come in all shapes and sizes, even in the form of a giggling grandma from Tulsa, Oklahoma Paul Pappas: A story that proves the saying “you are dust and to dust you will return” — within a pile of ashes was a body of a woman who had been missing for four months, now stone-cold dead and rotting because of an argument with her tenant and a complicated web of lies The Broadway Butterfly Murders: Miss King was on top of the world, now she’s six-feet under — you’ll never see sugar daddies the same way again after miss Dot King’s body was left cold and her appendages were bent at unnatural angles And so much more! This collection offers the different stories and backgrounds of people who drove themselves to murder. Grab your copy today and find out what pushed them to kill and how they planned out their crime.
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