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The problem isn’t that we are unhappy. It’s that we expect to be happy all of the time… “Happiness is the ultimate goal of stoicism.” You see this, and then you look at the stone busts of Stoicism’s leading proponents: Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius. All seem dour and foreboding. They don’t look very (if at all) happy, you think. Which prompts the question: what does it mean to be happy? Is it found in the fabulous vacation pictures on a friend’s social media feed? The glamor of a celebrity flitting down the red carpet, trailed by scores of paparazzi? You know your friend is in debt up to their ears because of those vacations. And, while you may not know celebrities, you read enough about them to know that for them too, happiness is a transient state. Can anyone be truly happy all of the time? Part of the problem of the current condition is what we perceive happiness to be. In The Conversation, Rafael Euba, Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Old Age Psychiatry, baldly states happiness isn’t a natural outcome of the human experience. Euba describes happiness as a “mental construct” that has imprisoned many, causing them to believe that they have failed because their lives aren’t blissfully happy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contrast this to the Stoics’ attitude that a happy life results from managing one’s emotions, expectations, and reactions to external, lived reality. They may have been stern-faced gentlemen, but the fact remains, many who have incorporated Stoicism into their daily lives report that they can face life’s challenges with greater equanimity… and are happier as a result. Your Daily Dose Of Stoic Wisdom is a 30-day guide to practicing the foundational tenets of Stoicism. Without being a primer on Stoic philosophy, the book is here to help you integrate its basic principles into your everyday experiences. In 30-days’ time, the pragmatic wisdom of the Stoa, accompanied by simple action steps in this book, will serve you to discover: The true secret to happiness and why it continues to elude so many people A two-step strategy to successfully control the impact of good and evil on your life… and the difference it makes to your personal growth The powerful resource that transforms the human experience from compromise to grace How to combat your imagination when it becomes your worst enemy (hint: your desires play an essential role in this) A 5-steps plan for conquering worry before it gets out of control (inspired by Marcus Aurelius’ wisdom) "Why luck favors the prepared" (and how to prepare for your luck) How to overcome self-doubt and be your own person, even if everyone is against you Seneca’s recipe to living a fuller, happier life (one “ingredient” only!) … and much, much more! Much about modern life can make you anxious or perpetually morose. Your Daily Dose of Stoic Wisdom will help you weather life’s storms and come out a better, happier person on the other side. If you want this to kick-start your journey into the exemplary world of self-mastery, then click “Add To Cart” now.
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