Genres : General Fiction


The Debt Collector by William Bahl

Date: 04/13/2024
An unassuming and troubled maverick, Colter Axton borrows the minds of others and fixes outstanding debts. Phalex, a nightmarish warden of The Seeker's Market, tracks down debtors to face harsh consequences at the hands of...
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My Canvas Bag by J. Michael Krivyanski

Date: 03/18/2024
Mark is a young man born into a bad situation. His parents drink too much, and his family often forgets him. He works hard to hide the harsh reality of his home life from those...
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Son of Influence by Erik Lewin

Date: 02/14/2024
"A profound, heartfelt story-even when hilarity ensues." -- KIRKUS REVIEWS Can a soft boiled egg like Delton Lowe resist a brass knuckle father who wants him to join the mob-related family business? A witty coming...
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The Nine by Jeanne Blasberg

Date: 01/12/2024
Hannah Webber fears she will never be a mother, but her prayers are finally answered when she gives birth to a son. In an era of high-stakes parenting, nurturing Sam’s intellect becomes Hannah’s life purpose....
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The Home I left by Travis Bush

Date: 11/01/2023
A journey home reveals more than John could ever have imagined – secrets, loss, and the surprising power of redemption. After years of service, John Furst settled into a low-key bureaucratic post within the US...
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NO ONE DIES FROM LOVE by Chelsey Winchell

Date: 10/14/2023
Have you ever looked back and wondered what went wrong? From consuming love to instant heartbreak, we often dissect every aspect of a relationship to figure out where such a life-altering shift occurred. With a...
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Intersection by Colin Switalski

Date: 10/12/2023
Aiden Reeves is going to die, at least that's what the whispers tell him. The darkness of the early morning envelops him as he drives down the open road, consumed by a deep sense of...
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Dark Waters by Nick Haskins

Date: 10/06/2023
The Waters’ is a strong, prominent black family in Philadelphia with access to the good life. Money, power, and lack of respect flow through the tight-knit family as destruction threatens to rock the foundation they...
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Ten Months in Wonderland by Terry Persun

Date: 08/14/2023
Airman Kevin Grayson, a happily married, nineteen-year-old family man, is deployed to an airbase in Udorn, Thailand in the fall of 1973. He is completely unprepared for two things that will change his life forever:...
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Until Serena by Chiquita Dennie

Date: 08/01/2023
Serena is determined to build a good life for herself and her twin boys following a devastating breakup. Fiercely independent and prideful, she’s doing everything she can to keep them afloat and not ask for...
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